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Familiarize yourself with the possible types of questions. Usually there is a mix of filling in the missing words, multiple choice questions and completing a form or a map. The best preparation for listening test is of course to listen to English as much as possible.

If you don’t have the chance to converse with native English speakers in real life, then watching your favourite movies and shows without subtitles is the best practice! Many of my friends were asking me why I prefer turning off the subtitles when watching something in English, but do this long enough and you will get familiar with the paces, pronunciations, idioms and accents of English speech. Continue reading


“When I took the IELTS test, I didn’t expect to get an 8.0. I have to say I thought I would get a 6.0 at least and was hoping for a 6.5. After trying several sample tests, I knew I could get a 7 on average so I was aiming for Band 7. So I suggest trying out some tests first to see what levels you are at. Continue reading